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By focusing on fire sprinkler systems, Approved Fire Prevention is able to provide unparalleled service without compromise. A focused inspection, testing and maintenance company with the resources and expertise to provide superior design, consulting and installation services


We were founded as an inspection company and continue to focus on this aspect of our business.  A fire prevention system is an invaluable asset, only if it is properly inspected and maintained.  Our team of dedicated inspectors are trained to perform inspections in compliance with the highest national and local standards.

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Testing of fire sprinkler systems is both critical to proper operation and mandated by most local jurisdictions.  Approved Fire Prevention has been performing tests before local Fire Marshals and Fire Inspectors since inception.

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While fire sprinkler systems and their peripherals have been proven to save lives, property and equipment, they are also sophisticated systems comprised of many mechanical and electrical parts working in harmony.  Without ongoing maintenance of equipment, the cost of a fire sprinkler system can grow exponentially throughout its working life.

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Emergency Service

Rest at ease knowing that you are always a phone call away from the experienced service of our trained technicians

It’s 3am, New Years Day, 10°F outside and you're experiencing a waterflow condition on the sprinkler system at your property.  Although this is hardly a daily occurrence, most property managers/owners will find themselves in a similar situation at some point.  This is why Approved Fire Prevention provides 24/7 emergency service 365 days of the year.  Simply call our toll free emergency service line, report your emergency and a lead fire sprinkler technician will be assigned to your case.  The technician will perform a short diagnostic over the phone, confirm an ETA, and follow-up after service is complete.

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Installation, Design & Consulting

Installation of a new fire protection system can be a daunting task with involvement from numerous contractors. Thankfully, Approved Fire Prevention can handle the entire process including initial design choices, filing, installation, testing and contractor coordination throughout the process.

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E: P: 1.800.497.2959