About Us

Founded in 1998 as an inspection company by a steamfitter with 20 years of field experience, we have grown into a full service fire sprinkler company servicing over 3,000 locations.

Approved Fire Prevention was the entrepreneurial vision of Michael Ribando, a steamfitter with two decades of experience in installation, inspection and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.  As the importance of inspection and testing of fire sprinkler systems in New York City grew in the late 1990s, Michael saw an opportunity to differentiate from the larger contractors focused mainly on major system installations.  With a contract to provide inspections at 15 locations for a big box retailer and a handful of private customers, Michael began Approved Fire Prevention.  Realizing that 24-hour emergency service was critical for his customers and for his business, Michael’s original emergency service line was his home phone number.

As Approved Fire’s customer base grew, so did the services its customers were demanding.  Still based in inspections, the company grew to provide a full range of maintenance and repair services, developing relationships with local and national suppliers to provide an affordable solution for customers.  Additionally, Approved Fire’s customers were increasingly in need of customized solutions and consulting.  With the addition of a system designer and consultant the company grew to provide a full range of services.

Today, Approved Fire is comprised of approximately 30 employees in addition to outside consultants and affiliates.  Employees include service technicians, inspectors and a full time and knowledgeable office staff.  Technicians are fully trained fire sprinkler mechanics who are knowledgeable in local and national code, pipefitting, fire sprinkler and fire pump inspection, testing and maintenance.  Inspectors are the eyes in the field who often catch system problems before they become critical, providing monthly, quarterly and annual inspections.

Aware of the great number of fire sprinkler vendors in the New York Metro area today, we differentiate ourselves by providing thoughtful and customized solutions to our customers.  We are well versed in local codes including those of the New York Department of Buildings, New York City’s Fire Code and the local jurisdictions of Long Island, Westchester and Yonkers.  We can provide inspection and preventative maintenance solutions to ensure our customers remain code compliant while keeping cost in mind.  With Michael Ribando and his son Chris Ribando running daily operations, our customers get the personalized service and professional insight required to maintain a life saving fire sprinkler system.

Over the last several years, Approved Fire has made an extra effort to utilize technology, new products and revolutionized methods to best serve our customers.  The implementation of a centralized database allows us to track vital service records that are critical in diagnosing future problems.  With the best vendor relationships in the area, we are able to provide materials at a significant discount to retail, and more importantly, can offer the highest quality parts with the leading technology.  Finally, we have done our part to keep the environment in mind.  Our fleet of well maintained Dodge Sprinter vans provide the best fuel mileage in their class.  We take special care to optimize technician routes to reduce our carbon footprint and we are in the process of going paperless for inspections, cutting paper use by over 60%.

Our goal is to provide the range of services and low cost option of the largest life safety companies, while providing the level of service and customized attention of your local contractor.

E: P: 1.800.497.2959